Jasileo blends electronic music with organic and ethnic sounds from all around the world, performing live looping using instruments such as the handpan, flutes, percussions, kalimba, and vocals.

He creates transformative, joyful music sets and spaces for genuine connection and exploration, where everyone can be and express themselves fully, remembering the beauty of their true nature.

Sound Journeys

Welcome to Jasileo’s unique sound journeys, where we harness the power of frequencies, organic sounds from nature, and live music to guide you into a state of inner calm and peace. Using therapeutic sounds from instruments like the handpan, kalimba, flutes, and human voices, our sessions promote relaxation and work on different layers of your being. Experience the transformative power of sound as it soothes your mind, body, and spirit.



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  • DJ sets.
  • Hybrid Live DJ Sets.
  • Sound journeys / Sound Healing.
  • Acoustic Concerts.
  • Ceremonies & Rituals.
  • Web Design.